1. Carrie says:

    So sweet…and I love the balance of light & dark in the photo!

  2. jules says:

    love the perspective of this.

  3. Amy Lucy says:

    This is such a sweet image!

  4. Stacey S says:

    Great perspective and love the fab lighting on his face – such a sweet capture!. Happy Birthday to him! 🙂

  5. Alison Crane says:

    Your use of light and shadows here is incredible!

  6. christina says:

    I think the baby of the family is thought of as little for so much longer. This is a nice shot and is usually what my son is doing too. I love the shadows & light.

  7. Jessica N says:

    Beautiful shot. Love the angle on this one. Very dramatic lighting also. Great job.

  8. Cara says:

    Great perspective and happy birthday to your “little” man!

  9. ok…my fav this week. love your perspective and words! happy birth—day to you too!

  10. AmandaB says:

    i totally know where you’re coming from with this. my only baby is 8 and seems so “not little” anymore. but alas it is the littlest she’ll ever be again.

  11. Tamara says:

    Beautiful shot and perspective. My littlest is seven too. time flies

  12. robyn says:

    beautiful… love the contrast from dark shadows to the light carpet.

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