1. Carrie says:

    Don’t you just love it when the hubs comes home from traveling? Perfect image!

  2. Amy Lucy says:

    Love it when DH returns, too! This is so perfect!

  3. Jessica N says:

    I hate it when my hubby goes out of thon (I hate it more when I have to). Great shot of his bag and the symbolism of him being home.

  4. Tamara says:

    A home is complete when everyone is together. Great shot

  5. robyn says:

    love your interpretation this week.. perfect!

  6. Stacey S says:

    Oh yes – we can so relate since DH is gone every other week! Great shot!

  7. Great post! I too, can relate, being a Military spouse, the Hubs is gone quite a bit.

  8. jules says:

    I’m sure that bag puts a huge smile on everyone’s face! love it!

  9. Cara says:

    Such a great shot to show what is happening with your life. Intriguing.

  10. christina says:

    Love this! Great shot.

  11. Ali C says:

    Welcome home to him!

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